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live, laugh, love and lament in Tudor York



'Robert William Jones, a historian, has opened a window into this period of time, in a fun and imaginative fashion, with a tale that takes us through Stratford-upon-Avon, York, Lindisfarne in Northumberland, London, Lincoln, to name but a few, bringing the ordinary and not so ordinary people of that time to life, exemplifying their aspirations, their humour, attitudes and fears...' 

Very Entertaining!

'An excellent literary experience with places and names you'd probably recognize from history but with a heady mix of fictional characters to transport you to Tudor England all brought together by the 'Micklegate mouse' or the Little King Harry as he is also known...'

Love this

'An inspiring and cleverly written historical novel with believable, original and sometimes amusing characters from diverse backgrounds that you will warm to. The plot is complex, which I liked, and the reveals are worth the wait. For me an enjoyable thinking person's story.'

Average Star Ratings:
Goodreads: 4.6


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